I don’t think…

2 Jun

…That we could have fit another activity in this weekend even if we wanted to. Ok really we could have, but I think that we did enough. Friday night it was a pretty bland night and a pretty crappy day, so we just had to get out and do something fun at night. We even tried scooter shopping, but allt he stores were closed. So we decided to to mini-golfing.

He is really good at not touching balls anymore, and he even gets out of the way when you say move please. Nice. Oh and the cutest part is that he even plays. He loves it. If he can’t get the ball in then he puts it in just to take it out 🙂

Saturday was filled with what else am I going to say… disc golf in the morning, Conner’s arena football game, and then naps. After naps we tried out seven peaks water park. It was only for 2 hours and it really was starting to get a little cold, but Jason loved it.

I was pretty surprised that Jason is now a chicken. He use to love going on all the rides, and now, not so much. Will took him on one ride and we keep asking him “Do you want to go on another ride?” and enthusiastic “Nope” would be the response. Humm maybe when Uncle Matt goes he will be a little more brave. He sure did love the slides last year.

We hung out at the kid pool. He wouldn’t even go on the kid slde. I wonder why he is afraid now? That ok he sure had fun hanging out in the water anyways.

Sunday was pretty typical, hang out, Wii, walks, putting the backyard, etc. Oh and Shawn came to hang out with us too. (No hidden pictures, sorry guys. I just was not feeling that ambitious) He is some guy that Suzanne has been hanging out with lately. Nice kid, and very analytical. He was messing around with the Wii and he figured out the baseball game. How to throw the ball and what way to throw it to get a fast ball/slow ball etc by throwing a little different. Quick learner. Heck we own it and I couldn’t even tell you what buttons to push to get what pitches. Oh and he even is a disc golfer. Go figure.


5 Responses to “I don’t think…”

  1. kay June 2, 2008 at 9:05 am #

    Shawn,huh? I just heard about him yesterday. I hope he’s a nice guy. A disc Golfer…even??

    The water at 7 Peaks looks cold, even in pictures. But I know how much he loves the water.

    I should really get Colton’s scooter fixed so I can save $ on gas too.

  2. hgundred June 2, 2008 at 9:35 am #

    Looks like a fun weekend! I love scooters! Uncle Art had one and ever since then…I have always wanted one…hmm. 😉
    Can’t wait to meet Shawn… we will be there late on the 9th. 😉

  3. Tracie June 2, 2008 at 12:07 pm #

    Sounds like a fun weekend. Too bad we couldn’t get MarioKart to work. We’ll have to try tonight. As for the lemon bars, I got the recipe from Better Homes and Garden. I thought they were pretty tasty.

  4. Chrissie June 2, 2008 at 7:01 pm #

    Let’s see….don’t play Wii, Mario Kart, or any of that stuff, don’t play disc golf and if it wasn’t for your pictures I wouldn’t even know what in the world it was, I don’t ride a scooter and never plan on it, I really don’t like cold water even if it is at Seven Peaks, and I only go to mini golf about once every 5 yrs or so……hey, this Shawn guy fits in the family better than I do! But, I do like lemon bars and can even make them too. Maybe you’ll keep me after all?

  5. trish June 3, 2008 at 2:41 am #

    I loved seven peaks before Kk got so old. Now it’s too pricey for us. you should come to the Scera pool with Stpeh and I some time. We will call you next time.

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