What the no computer still!

22 Jun

We have discussed it and I believe that having a computer with the Internet is addicting if not more so the a drug. I have not had a real computer for over a week now and I am going crazy. I think that if I don’t get it soon I might start shaking. I know I have been having other withdrawls related issues over the past week.

My me relax time is blogging. I blog for me. I love to blog and read blogs even if it is on stupid events going on in my life. I love reading Will’s surprise entries and I love being able to go back and read what was happening in our lives over the past few years. Now I have not been able to really do this. I am limited to Will’s computer at lunch and after dinner, which really is not that long because of the other stuff that we do at night. I am just so rushed. (I have been reading blogs and emails, but just not responding to them.)

As a result of not possessing this modern miracle we call the computer, I have become irritable at the smallest thing. How stupid. I think it is just the result of a billion of things going on. On the bright side I have been able to do things with the kids, sew 3 pairs of PJ’s with some help from my mom, yard work YUCK!, take down the water bed with Will and my mom, and I have been able (forced able) to just hang out.

All in all I want my computer back. I should receive in on Tuesday, but I have been trying to pick it up since Friday. I dislike DHL as a shipping company. They have had my computer in SLC since Thursday night. Long story short I will try to pick it up tomorrow. So hopefully things will be back to normal.

Life really has been pretty good over the last week and I am excited to share what we have done.

  • My mom was here.
  • Will has been driving the scooter so I have had the car, I have gone to the library with Jason. He absolutely loved it. Al thought he did keep picking up books about going on the toilet. Maybe he is ready. I think I might train him sometime in July.
  • We took down the water bed. Sorry guys no more, now it is just the air mattress.
  • Tucanos!!
  • Strawberry days rodeo. It was a blast and even saw Kelly there. She scored us some free cups of strawberries and cream. Man they are good.  I think that I will have to try and duplicate the recipe!
  • Seven peaks
  • And last but not least Will was able to disc golf all day long yesterday. I will let him tell you all about it, but he had a great time. He was gone from 8 am until 9:30 pm. Dang it was a long day for me. I seriously could not be a single parent. I even did a load of dishes start to finish for him. Impressive I know.

So that about ends it for the week. I am sure there was other stuff crammed in there, but that is what you get. I will try and pick the computer up tomorrow, so starting Tuesday I should have my normal post up and going. I have missed you all! Regardless if you have missed me 🙂 And I have a few pictures to share one of these days (sad face).


5 Responses to “What the no computer still!”

  1. tracie June 22, 2008 at 3:46 pm #

    I will admit that my computer time has not been as much fun this past week since I haven’t been able to see the goings on with you guys. I am spoiled!!! Looking forward to this week and hopefully the pick up will go smoothly tomorrow.

  2. Tarah June 22, 2008 at 5:55 pm #

    I have sorely missed your daily blog. Can’t wait for your computer to be up and running again. And thanks to you I started my own blog, but not sure I am going to post everyday yet, but we will see.

  3. steve spence June 22, 2008 at 8:25 pm #

    Will does a great job posting but he hardly ever puts good pictures like you. Looking forward to you blogging again. I can’t imagine you being cranky.

  4. Troy June 23, 2008 at 11:04 am #

    Take comfort that FedEx is taking over some of DHL’s routes in the US. Doesn’t help you here, but maybe next time your computer dies…

  5. hgundred June 24, 2008 at 8:09 pm #

    I KNOW how hard it is not to have the computer! 😉

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