Will’s Entry: Whew

23 Jun

Let’s all think good thoughts so that our new computer will arrive today and that we can set it up without issue.  It’s sad, but if Kristin doesn’t post pictures, chances are that I won’t see them either.

I’m here today to report on the Big Glade tournament on Saturday.  I left at 8 in the morning and went up with my disc golf buddy Jared.  Matt stayed behind so he could take advantage of going to Seven Peaks with Suzanne.  That backfired because Zannie wasn’t feeling too good.  It would have been nice having Matt or Art around.  They would have enjoyed it.  They set up a temporary course in the middle of the woods at the top of a campsite that’s apparently called Big Glade.  Lots of people camp the night and stuff. 

When we got started, they announced that the course was 24 holes!  I just checked and the Team Utah website said 18.  Normally I’m all about more holes, but tournaments are 2 rounds and 48 holes is a ton, especially when you’re walking/hiking unfamiliar mountain terrain.  That, and I had hoped to be home around 5 and this would definitely push things back aways.

The course was beautiful and I wish that I had taken the camera.  Lots of variety with Aspens and changing elevation providing most of the obstacles.  The weather was warm and there wasn’t too much wind.

Well, how’d I do?  I signed up for Amateur (out of Amateur, Advanced, and Professional) and there were 6 people in my division.  After 12 holes, I was shooting a +4.  I knew I could do better (I figured that ending up at +6 was a decent goal) and I was probably in 3rd place at the time.  Well, I caught fire and shot the next 12 holes at -1.  I had 11 pars in a row which is kinda boring, but pretty exciting when everyone else is taking bogies.

After finishing round 1, I figured that I had 1st place all but sewn up.  Well, I was ON FIRE for Round 2.  I give myself an A+ for Course Management.  The course was laid out to be very demanding concerning one’s drives.  Being accurate and creative with my drives is one of my strengths and I feel like getting out of trouble on one’s 2nd throw is another for me.  (Before I sound too cocky, Distance is probably my biggest downfall.  I look at other people and I may never throw as far as they do.)  I played an excellent 2nd round and finished it at -3!!!! 

To finish things off, I outplayed 6 out of the 10 Professionals and I would have taken 2nd place in Advanced.  I felt bad because the closest “competitor” in my division ended up 15 strokes behind me.  I guess I’d better move up . . .  The director did a BIG double-take when he recorded my score.  Not bad for my 3rd tournament and never winning one.

By this time, it was 6 and we were exhausted.  Waiting for them to figure out prizes and placements always takes the longest time and I think I will email the director to see if I can’t improve his Excel sheet.  All in all, I won 21 Disc Dollars ( I could have double or tripled that in cash if I had played a higher division).  I’m pretty happy with my discs so I got Matt a new disc that’s the color of blood.  Not bright blood either, a dark crimson.  It was coveted just because it looked cool.  I got home around 9 and that’s a wrap.

Note:  I owe Jared a big thank-you for explaining the difference on how discs fly at high-altitude.


6 Responses to “Will’s Entry: Whew”

  1. tracie June 23, 2008 at 10:43 am #

    Way to go!!!! I wonder how bad I would have done. Probably +100 at least. 🙂

    P.S. Thinking good thoughts…

  2. kay June 23, 2008 at 10:44 am #

    Well, a big congrats to you, Will!! The are going to look at you differently next time you enter a tourney!! Because next time you come in as a Champion!

    My favorite line “I think I will email the director to see if I can’t improve his Excel sheet. ” That’s great!

  3. Troy June 23, 2008 at 11:12 am #

    Nice work will. Sounds like fun!

  4. Kristin June 23, 2008 at 11:14 am #

    The spread sheet is the first thing he told me. How goofy is he.

    Anyways he was also gone untill 9:30 the big booger. That is a long time to go with out a husband, but he had a great time so it was all worth it!

  5. tracie June 23, 2008 at 1:56 pm #

    Troy would probably have said the same thing about the spreadsheet…ahh…those number guys.

  6. hgundred June 24, 2008 at 8:25 pm #

    Way to go Will! 🙂

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