Missed post

7 Nov

Wow I never posted yesterday and neither did Will. How odd. We both have been moving like crazy to get things done.

Then most of you know I will start off with tucanos… I was told that Will taking me out to tucanos has been in motion for about a week. He had asked my aunt to watch the kids and he would surprise me. I don’t get connections very well. When we were over at her house watching the byu football game I told her that I had to make a dvd with her in it of the byu women’s clinic. She was pretty quick to volunteer to come over and “make” the dvd with me. I thought I really could make the dvd my self and give it to her later, but if she wants to come over I always welcome the company, especially on a weekday.

The night before Will and I are getting the kids ready for bed and Will says “It’s Holly. It’s for you.” He never picked the phone up, how would he know. Sure enough it was Holly reminding me that she was coming over.

So the day of I get the house straightened, kids baths, hair done, etc… and Holly shows up. After we had been talking for a while I get a phone call form Will saying that he has a business lunch at Tucanos. I really like that place and am always sad when he goes there for lunch with out me. And he is telling me this the doorbell rings and sure enough he is on the other side ready to take me out. Good thing I actually got dresses and was not in my pj’s.

Lunch was wonderful and I stuffed myself like crazy. Poor Will never thought of the consequences of taking me out to lunch. I didn’t want to make dinner that night… Cereal it was.

Right after lunch Sierra was asked to do a study at BYU about face recognition. Sure I will take her in. We took here there and they had 2 screens. They would flash the same monkey face on both screens and wait for a while. Then they would flip it off and put the same face up with a different one on the other screen. And then again flip it off and switch the monkey on the opposite screen. It was very interesting. Sierra was very wiggly, but they said she did really well and was asked to come in for a follow up in 2 weeks. I am suppose to show her this book with monkey faces every day until we come in again. Interesting…



2 Responses to “Missed post”

  1. hgundred November 7, 2008 at 9:35 am #

    I am glad I could help! It was all Will…I just had to be sneaky! 😉
    I laughed so hard when I saw C-ra in your piture…too cute! Glad you guys had a good time. 😀

  2. Mickie November 7, 2008 at 10:00 am #

    Sierra is a squirmy girl, wierd monkey faces huh… well that good that she tested well? (I bet they tell every parent that) haha Man Tucanos sounds good these days I have a hankering for some MEAT. Is that a gift card Will is holding in the picture?

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