20 Mar

My body is so stiff and sore from all the stress of the last few days. I didn’t realize how much stress I carry in my body. Hopefully tomorrow my body will be back to normal.

Well Pack meeting is over and so is the class. 10-15 people signed up for the class and only 4 showed. That was a-okay for me. I wasn’t planning on many people showing up, so when she told me 10-15 I started to freak out. I am glad that she was wrong. It went well. I popped on a dvd for the kids and we played with all the frosting and tips. I brought some fondant so that the ladies could get a feel for it, and I think that it went well. It was a tasty kind so they enjoyed using it. They are now not so afraid of it. And I made 2 cake mixes for them to practice on, I still have 1 1/2 batches of cupcake left. Hahaha.

The scout meeting went fine. I cornered the 3 moms that had not registered their scouts. One was a non-member who was very specific with me, “I don’t what you to give this information to the church.” I told her that it was for scout use only. It was very interesting. She was a very nice lady though. We ended up talking for a bit.

The space derby was interesting. I really hope that they don’t to it again. The rubber bands keep snaping, the boys didn’t know how much to wind their rockets (only 4 made it to the end), and the piece to hold the rockets keep falling off. It was a horrible mess. We did the best we could with the whole thing. Other then all the confusion it went pretty well. I sure hope things get easier… I know it will.


2 Responses to “Done”

  1. hgundred March 20, 2009 at 12:25 pm #

    It sounds like it was a good day…it is always nice to have things done! Hope you are not so sore… 😉

  2. Linda March 24, 2009 at 8:49 am #

    Yup sounds like a typical Space Derby which is why our ward ops out every year. We do the actual rocket kits you can get at the hobbie store. It is one of their favorite pack meetings every year. A bit more expensive but way better and not really a competition which isn’t all bad either. There’s enough of that with the Pinewood Derby and Rain Gutter Regatta not to mention all the relays and games we do each month during pack meeting.

    Are you doing the Dino theme next month? We need to get together and exchange ideas. We’re normally the 2nd Tuesday but it’s spring break and then the stake bumped everyone on the 3rd Tuesday so now we’re set for the 4th Tuesday which puts only 2 weeks between April and May’s pack meetings.

    We’ll make it work and it’s all good. (Seriously call- and let’s share ideas!)

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