Interesting day

8 May

It is always and interesting day when Will gets his hair cut at lunch. The highlights…

  • Jason took scissors to his afghan. It was only one snip, I think. I sure hope that I tied it all up.
  • Jason and Sierra bickering all day long. Sierra is starting to figure out that if she screams Jason will get into trouble. I saw her scream for no reason once. Humm I think we will have to watch that one form now on.
  • Jason came downstairs bating his eyes telling me that he looked pretty. He looked pretty terrible. He had gotten into my make-up and brushes. He had smeared blush all over his eyes. Then he dropped it on the carpet. BIG MESS. The positive note… I just happen to be spot carpet cleaning in the living room. How convenient. (I wish that I got a picture before he started to rub his eyes. It was caked on!)eyes1 eyes2
  • And lastly I found out that we have stupid trees that shade most of the yard. I can’t plant the strawberries or tomatoes that I wanted. They will only get 1/2 a days worth of sun.

There was a bright side to the day. It was horrible the hole time:

  • I made a very good dinner… Just stir fry, but it was one of the better times.
  • Jason and I tried to make the cookie that I am making for the cookie party. I think I might have a winner on my hands. Watch out!
  • Will gave me a spa gift certificate for a spa for mothers day. I am suppose to get my nails done for Suzanne’s wedding!
  • We went disc golfing with the Spence’s. I have not been in for ever.
  • And Mickie fixed my hair. I like the color a lot better. I liked it before, but now it looks more natural.

3 Responses to “Interesting day”

  1. Mickie May 8, 2009 at 9:00 am #

    Jason does look pretty… haha Did you get all the toner out? Is your scalp still burning? My fingers are a little sore this morning but not bad. Yay for the spa gift certificate!

  2. kay May 8, 2009 at 10:22 am #

    Oh what a handsome, I mean pretty little boy you have! When he starts wearing Sierra’s clothes watch out!

    Did you want me to come hack away at your trees some more! I thought I did a pretty god job last year. How about along the front of the deck? Does that get sun?

  3. Jensa May 8, 2009 at 11:54 pm #

    Good call, Will, on the spa certificate. Maybe Jason wants to go with Kristin and get his nails done! 🙂

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