19 May

The only exciting things that happened yesterday… Sierra finally cut one of her bottom molars. I thought she was cutting them a while ago, but they never came in. Yesterday I saw the tiny speck of white and the skin. Yuck. She was so grouchy. I don’t blame her. I would be grouchy too.

Jason’s foot fedish has not gone away yet.

And last night we went to one of Tyler’s soccer games. It was good to finally see him play. There were a lot of poor calls, or should I say non calls, but over all we had a good time. We even got to see him score a goal! Wahoo TY!


One Response to “Goooaaaalllll!!”

  1. hgundred May 19, 2009 at 8:30 am #

    I think you guys are ‘good luck charms’ for my boys. Con pointed out that each game you guys have come to…our boys have scored a goal! I’ll give you the schedule for next year… 😀 THANKS for supporting T! 😉

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