Will’s Entry: A new backhand

26 May

Silly Kristin, of course we’ll never get bored of disc golf!  Does anyone ever really get “bored” of their favorite sports or do they eventually stop playing for other reasons . . .

This got me thinking about tennis.  High School Tennis was one of the highlights of my life and the only real reason that I’d relive those days.  I’ve often said I’m retired.  This is largely self-imposed.  I realized in college that it was a difficult social sport.  Two players have to be very close to the same skill level to make it enjoyable for both.  Even then, it was difficult to take losing and it was not that enjoyable defeating a friend either.  I played a few times in college but it was more frustrating than anything.  How I would have done anything to run the same drills as back in the day – down the line, approach, volley, overhead!  Man those were the days.  I guess I “retired” because I know that I’ll never be able to invest the same amout of time and thus will never be as good as back then.  Does anyone else have thoughts about a sport like that?  Random thought:  I figure wrestlers just stop wrestling once they realize it’s kinda awkward to hug other men with nothing at stake.

This next part will be more of a journal of my thoughts than anything else.  I enjoy disc golf and for a lot of different reasons.  I like the fact that it’s dang cheap!  I like how I can mix it in and practice my distance-drives during my laps around the nearby track.  I like how I can practice the close shots in my own backyard.  It’s nice to think that my kids and family can easily join me when I play.  If they don’t come, I’m only missing my family for a couple hours as opposed to the half-days it takes to play regular golf or fish/hunt.  The fact that there are courses everywhere means that there’s a seemingly infinite number of courses to experience.  I don’t think I’ll ever get injured playing it . . .  All Pluses, right?

I guess the connection between the two train of thoughts is that I’m lucky to have my brother-in-law Matt around.  At least the last three times we’ve gone out, we’ve ended in a tie and gone to a playoff.  How’s that for finding someone who’s your skill level?   He picks up stuff fast and after 3 or 4 years, we’re equal.  So equal that the other day our discs landed in the same exact spot!   Whenever we play, it’s fun because we know that we’ll probably have close scores and good competition in the end.  Anyway, I’m just lucky he liked it when he first tried it because I don’t think anyone “expects” to enjoy disc golf. 

(If you don’t get the title, you can throw a disc (some people call them frisbees)backhand or sidearm/forehand.)

And about the Lakers, I couldn’t care less if others don’t like them.  Half the time, I don’t even like them!  Play hard, darn it!  (But Kobe does have THE best fundamentals in the game, if not the greatest understanding of when to use them)


4 Responses to “Will’s Entry: A new backhand”

  1. Kristin May 26, 2009 at 3:38 pm #

    Never get injured? Ha remember that tournament that both you and Art gashed open your hands?

  2. waywu2001 May 26, 2009 at 3:41 pm #

    T’was only a flesh wound . . .

  3. hgundred May 27, 2009 at 6:45 am #

    I am glad you are apssionate with Disc golf as we are to soccer. 😉 Abot the Lakers…I have a little more love for the NUggets ONLY because we lived closer to the team for 10 years. 😉

  4. kay May 27, 2009 at 7:34 am #

    Feel the same way about my Giants, don’t care if you like them or Barry Bonds or not, half the time I don’t like them either! But I still root, cheer, encourage, and jeer at them the whole dang season in hopes that one day we will regain dominance in the game again!!

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