Will’s Entry: Sick

3 Jun

I realize that not everyone follows tennis but I think this refers to other sports as well.  The Williams sisters in tennis are known for being somewhat ungracious in defeat.  During Serena’s latest defeat she said, “Honestly, I think I lost because of me and not because of anything she did.”  Basically she made it sound like she was the better player and that the other person got lucky.  Just once I’d like to hear the opposing player say “I knew I couldn’t hit as hard as her but I knew if I stayed consistent, she’d beat herself eventually.”  Ohhhhhh, then Serena would HAVE to give credit to the other player . . .  Anyway I’m sick of it.



One Response to “Will’s Entry: Sick”

  1. hgundred June 4, 2009 at 8:15 am #

    I hate when a parent blames a child on a soccer field…basically the same concept… It takes a 11 to WIN and 11 to LOSE! I would have died if I heard my child say what Serena said…

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