Way to cold!!

13 Jul

Friday night the Spences came over and hung out. Matt got Will the Tiger Woods game for the wii and that is what has been on Will’s mind all weekend. 5 more hours until Tiger. He has enjoyed it. In fact he even brought tiger up into our bed last night.

Saturday we tried to go to 7 peaks. It was freezing, windy, and it started to rain. After being there for 45 min (30 of it we were putting on obsolete sunscreen, taking Jason to the bathroom, etc) we left.

The guys went disc golfing and then we tried to go again. Again it started to rain. We lasted an hour this time. Once Sierra’s hands and lips started to turn blue we gave up and left. Of course when we were leaving the sun came out. One day it will be nice and we can go to the water park with out freezing…

Here is a bodily function story for you mom… As we were waiting in line for a ride I noticed Jason holding himself. I asked him if he needed to go to the bath room. Right when I said that his swim suit started to drip. GROSS! We moved the line over, but no one else followed. Well it is a good thing that they are going to go on a water ride. Hopefully it will wash their feet off a little.  

Jason also took a lot of pictures… Matt and Mickies heads are great!


2 Responses to “Way to cold!!”

  1. Mickie July 13, 2009 at 9:48 am #

    How does he take pictures like that. He’s got a gift for making things weird blurry. But hey some of those are good! I’ll have to post the few pictures I took while there tomorrow on my blog. I think i got some cute ones before it was too cold.

  2. hgundred July 14, 2009 at 8:17 am #

    Oh man, I am sorry it was too cold for you guys! Thanks for the yummy Noni chews!!! 😀

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