Will’s Entry: Mission for a Theme

21 Sep

Sorry that I have been so quiet lately.  We’ve been super-busy with vacations and I’ve been hard at work catching up and getting ahead to accomodate all of my work.

I’ve been wanting to post but really couldn’t come up with a topic.  As you all know, I love music (yeah, who doesn’t?).  On the drive to Suzanne’s wedding, we listened to my Movie-Score CD.  It’s got some of my favorite movie scores and I screened them quite thoroughly in the days before burning CD’s was second nature to everyone.  It’s been a classic of mine for awhile now.  On my mission, the music-standards fluctuated quite a bit.  When I first arrived, it was hymns-only.  At one point, it was “your discretion”.  Anyway, during my mission I attributed different songs to different aspects of the mission-experience.  I had completely forgotten this fact until this car trip.  It brought back exciting memories and also reminded me that I’m a dork.  Anyway, here goes a couple (click on titles– I worked hard to find these!):

Robin Hood:  Prince of Thieves:  This one reminded me of the excitement of the Restoration.

Last of the Mohicans I:  Represented the restlessness/excitement that my friends I shared for the upcoming mission experience.

Last of the Mohicans II:  One of my favorites.  Can you hear the loneliness as the first Elder entered the mission field, the growing excitement as more join him?  Eventually there’s a whole band of them.  Eventually there’s just me – darn November birthday . . .

Terminator:  I’m SO glad I found this version.  We actually had an elevator on the mission that sounded like the beginning of this song when it began to move.  So the beginning of the song reminded me of the elevator and the knocking/slamming parts reminded me of moving from door-to-door while tracting in apartment buildings.  This song was all about getting to business.

Well, that’s it.  If I get some feedback, maybe I’ll post more of these sometime (who am I kidding, I’ll probably do it anyway)  For those concerned with the ratings of these films, my dad had a CD (actually the one from the Terminator clip) that had many of these.


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