Will’s Entry: Hoover

6 Jan

Don’t you hate it when you’re given a ton to do at work, but all the sources of information have been unavailable?  I don’t work in a vaccuum people!  So I’ve got a lot of work looming, but at the moment am waiting for information.

Last night was a long night.  Laycee sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night for no reason.  It’s kind of odd.  Usually it’s just a whine or two, but she was an unhappy camper this morning until we held her for a bit, which makes Kristin and I a little tired this morning.

I know a lot of you miss my good wife’s regular posts and I sure do too.  Hopefully our lives will get back their normalcy soon and we’ll see more cute pics (I know I’ve taken some!)  I hope everyone is enjoying their new year.  I know I am!


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