Lots of fun stuff

9 Feb

It has been a crazy last few days and with out pictures I am pretty sure that the blog is going to be pretty boring. I guess I will just do the rundown in bullets today.

  • Friday was the Blue and Gold dinner. I am so excited to finally be done with that for the next year. No more worrying and planning and thinking. It turned out great and I even planned just enough food.
  • Matt and Mickie were wonderful enough to take our kids during the dinner so that we could focus on it.
  • Saturday the Readings and Spences came over for dinner and a BYU basketball game. It was a horrible game, but we had fun after words playing a charade game.
  • Sunday we invited Bobbie and Jeremy over for dinner and games. The ribs were delicious and the games were hilarious. The kids loved playing with each other too! We were even able to put JD down in Sierra’s room to sleep and keep playing.
  • Monday was my birthday. I was a little grouchy in the morning, but by the time I put the kids down for naps life was pretty good.
  • We went out to eat. Will was wonderful. I didn’t really want red robin and everyone else did, so he brought me in wingers. It was wonderful. I didn’t even care that the waiter looked at me funny with my take out from another place!
  • HD wanted to give his birthday present a go and steam cleaned the upstairs living room for us. I was told that I can do the downstairs living room now 🙂 Maybe when I have the energy tomorrow.

So that about ends the blog for today. I just took HD, Britany, and Baylee to the airport and will be watching Laycee for the next few days. Should be fun.


2 Responses to “Lots of fun stuff”

  1. hgundred February 9, 2010 at 1:59 pm #

    Sounds like it has been fun but busy! Glad your birthday ended up on a good note! 😉

  2. kay February 9, 2010 at 7:54 pm #

    Happy late birthday! Did you get our card at least? That had to a little bit nice!? 🙂

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