Will’s Entry: Facebook Feature #2

24 May

Since my first suggestion for Facebook went so well (adjustable friend filter), I thought I’d offer a 2nd.  In the Wu household we rarely watch anything live.  Usually we watch things after our children go to bed.  It’s so much more enjoyable that way.  Kristin’s blood pressure actually goes up when she has to view commercials.  It’s been proven and apparently Sierra has the same condition.  Leads to extreme distress . . .

Well after spending my night watching the Lakers game and the finale to Lost, I decided that Facebook should have a Spoiler Alert feature.  Usually I avoid Facebook at all costs when I know that people will be posting about a game or show that I have taping.  That can’t make Facebook very pleased so they should have a button you could click indicating “Spoiler Alert” and then you would add/type the topic.  That way readers would only know about what you posted if they really wanted to and not by accident.  If you never care, you’d click “Off” on all Spoiler Alerts and everything would read like it is currently.  I’d probably program it so that all Spoiler Alerts would go normal within 48 hrs.  Honestly, by that point it’s up to the individual . . .  well, that’s my idea.

So my opinion on Lost . . . Do you remember ever telling a good lie when you’re a kid?  A good lie and then you tell another one just to elaborate on the awesome story.  Then you add another one because you’re on a roll . . . aaaaaaand another one until eventually you keep telling them and you can’t get yourself to stop?  Then that moment when you realize that the story’s gone transparent and there’s no way to save yourself from your fabricated story because you can’t remember all the details so you just send yourself to bed?  That’s what it felt like . . .


One Response to “Will’s Entry: Facebook Feature #2”

  1. hgundred May 25, 2010 at 8:43 am #

    I think a ‘spolier alert’ would be a great idea! Too many time we have known the score of a big game because people posted it…totally understand. 🙂

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