Lion King, Football, and Scones

7 Sep

It is the start of another football season and with that brings BYU spirit and my parents. This weekend also brought along Britnay and Colton. A long time ago my mom purchased tickets for the family to go see the Lion King at the capital theater. After hearing about it from Jason for months (the kids finally went back to school) the day came to watch the play.

Friday we had a great time and went to watch the play. Jason, Sierra, and Baylee came along as well. Jason really enjoyed it. Although it was really confusing for him when things happened in the play that didn’t happen in the movie. For example when Scar tried to seduce Nala, or when Timon ended up in the river.

Sierra enjoyed the first half of the play, but by the time the second half came around she was pretty tired and restless. I guess it didn’t really help that Baylee came to sit by us the second half. Both of the girls were kicked out and my mom ended up watching them outside. (At least they had a tv with play showing out there).

Saturday brought a girls day out. It was much needed on my behalf. We went to Swiss days and enjoyed looking at all the crafts and eating their enormous scones (they are good, but not as good as my grandmas). I now have some fun ideas for projects that I would like to make.

Saturday also brought the BYU football game. Will, Britany, and I hung out at home and watched the kids. We played with play dough, watched a movie, and ate some popcorn.

Sunday we were able to go to soup and scones at my grandparent’s home. Some of the games my uncle had us play were pretty funny. The kids really enjoyed oinking like a pig. Sierra really got into it and even moved up and down while she was oinking to try and fool the person guessing. Jason didn’t quite get it. While the person was guessing his name he would tell them who it was. Woops!

And last but not least, Monday the guys went and golfed 18 holes. The rest of us stayed home, took naps, played, and baked. It was a pretty relaxing day 🙂


One Response to “Lion King, Football, and Scones”

  1. hgundred September 7, 2010 at 12:26 pm #

    Uncle Art’s games are the BEST! SOunds like a great weekend. 🙂 Sad I missed your parents.

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