Will’s Entry: Wahooooooo . . . . zzzzzz

28 Jan

For those of you who are looking for an entry about a pen, you’ll have to wait.  In regards to all the going-ons around here, the timing just didn’t feel right.  (THAT, folks, is a teaser).

Whenever we get done with something exciting like our trip to Bear River, we play the “What was your favorite part?”-game.  Now my favorite part was exploring our cabin when we first got there.  Boy, was it ever nice.  I loved Tahoe but if you combine that trip with this cabin, whoooo boy that would have been one sweet week.  My other favorite part of the trip was the 15 minutes that I got to sled.  I wish we had brought more!  Well, I at least wish we had brought one of the ones left in our garage . . . (thank you Spences)

Now for the memorable part.  Monday morning arrived and Harvey & Kay took Jason and Sierra out snowmobiling.  When it was time for Kristin and I to go out, it was suggested that I take Sierra.  She apparently enjoyed it so I plopped her in front of me on the snowmobile.  After about a mile I noticed that she wasn’t moving very much.  Her head was just slumped onto the instrument console.  I got Kristin to stop and suggested that we go back.  Kristin asked Sierra, “Do you want to go home or keep going?”     (No answer)  again, “Do you want to go home or keep going?”     (Still no answer)  At this point, I’m remember how I bumped her helmet with my helmet; Did I give her a concussion?  One more time, “Sierra, do you want to go home or keep going?”  Not picking up her head, she yells in her tiny voice, “Keep Going!” 

So we kept going, this time with Kristin leading the way.  At this point it starts to occur to me that Sierra has fallen ASLEEP!!!!!  Her little effort in balancing herself disappears so I start holding her with my left hand.  Now there’s NO effort and she’s slipping off the snowmobile while I’m supporting all of her 25 pounds.  Eventually Kristin comes back for me because I’m going slow.  Real slow and I don’t apologize because it’s hard to maneuver a snowmobile one-handed while holding a large sack of potatoes.  So we go back to the house and she sleeps practically the whole way.  Only one leg on the snowmobile, practically horizontal as I get to slowly drive.  It was fun to look back on.  And that’s my most memorable  moment.

(Kay and Sierra going for their fun ride)


2 Responses to “Will’s Entry: Wahooooooo . . . . zzzzzz”

  1. Chrissie January 29, 2011 at 8:56 am #

    Exploring vacation cabins is exciting stuff, but getting hypnotized while snowmobile riding… what can top that?!

  2. hgundred January 31, 2011 at 10:11 am #

    Awww, those kind of moments are my favorite! 🙂

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