From the mouth of a 5 year old

25 Apr

I am not good at these kinds of blogs, but I will give it a shot. I am not as eloquent as Will, but this is what I am feeling right now. I have a hard time putting my feelings into words written or spoken…

This last conference, from the talks that I did hear, the thing that stuck out the most to me was service. I know that is kind of silly, but I got the impression that service is what I needed to work on. (I have never really felt prompted from conference before). I am not sure why and I have always been a pretty giving person, but that is something I feel like I can approve upon. I am very diligent with my church callings, I serve my family by letting them live with us and cooking meals for them, and I try to help others when I can.  

It is no surprise to anyone that I have struggled with relief society and visiting teaching in the past. I have had some very bad experiences with it. When we moved into this ward I had enough. Seriously you put the only other asian person as my visiting teacher? Seriously! Plus I am really struggling with her right now, but that is a whole other story. I asked to not have visiting teachers and that I would not be one.

For the last 5 years I have had the relief society ask me about once a year if I would like to have one or if I would like to become one. My answer was always no, no, no. So when I got a phone call last saturday asking if I would like to, I hesitated with my answer. She said that some lady in the ward was prompted to ask for me as her companion. I did not know who it was at the time and now that I do know I am baffled. I really don’t know her and we are far from the same stage in life. I even taught her daughter as a 12 year old. I told her I needed time to think about this, so she told me she would call back in a week.

Yesterday was my week. I received the phone call while we were sitting down to lunch after church with the family. She asked me and I told her No like usual. I didn’t tell her this, but I felt guilted into being a visiting teacher. As Will and I were sitting there talking about this, Jason point-blank told me, “Mom, that is selfish.”

Wow. I had never thought about it like that. He was right. My little 5 year old was right. He had a better grasp on the situation then I did. I was being selfish. I was not letting others have the opportunity to serve me and I was not willing to serve others. I was being selfish.

I called the lady up and told her that I had changed my mind and that yes I would have them and I would become one. Now I don’t know what is going to happen. They are making the assignments this week. Hopefully it will just help me learn to get out of my comfort bubble and get to know the ladies in the ward a little better. I am hoping that nothing major is going to happen that I will need visiting teachers or be needed as one. Hopefully it is just a lesson I needed to learn from my little boy. Who knows. It was a very weird experience for me and I hope that it will turn out for the best. I at least know I have one smart little boy!


3 Responses to “From the mouth of a 5 year old”

  1. Will April 25, 2011 at 8:57 am #

    That whole situation was surreal. Nobody said or did quite what I was expecting. I still hope that for your sake, you only get 1 lady to visit.

  2. Mickie April 25, 2011 at 9:14 am #

    Ahh I am sure it will be great, I have learned to like it myself. I wasn’t a fan either until this ward. My Visiting Teachers are great and the gals I teach are SO smart and have such good ideas! It usually ends up as a mother/wife improvement idea swap session. Its great. Glad Jason helped you find more service opportunities and I am glad that you wrote it on the blog so you can remember how smart he is! Haha

  3. Kay April 25, 2011 at 10:38 am #

    Ahhh….I love that little guy!

    You realize that just because you said you don’t want anything big to happen to you or one of the sisters you teach, that’s exactly what’s going to happen right? The Lord has a sense of humor, I’m sure. But it could be a happy big thing, a wedding or baby birth, and you would be perfect to help with a cake or a few meals. You just never know what unselfish ways you could help out!

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