Elena’s Entry: Who I Am

17 Aug

Seeing as how I’m well over 10 months old, I thought I should take time to say more about myself on the family blog.  I’m getting bigger and am ohhh, so beautiful, just like the Elena from Vampire Diaries and Zoe from Firefly.  Good call on those names, Dad!  I’m still sporting the short hair but that’s only because the summertime is so hot.  Tell Mom to stop fretting about the short hair because it’ll be long in no time.

People say I’m still little but I’m the biggest Wu baby so far.  I really don’t know what they’re thinking.  But maybe I AM little because my big brother and sister both like to tote me around whenever they get the chance.  I’m not a fan of it sometimes and my parents have tried to keep the baby-relocating to a minimum.  But it’s nice to know that I’m loved.  They do it so gently though I usually end up farther from the toys than when I started.  Why is that, I wonder?

Besides Toys, I enjoy books and will look at them on my own if no one is around.  I crawl everywhere I want to but not really that quickly.  It’ll probably be a while until I walk but I just might surprise them.  I’m drawn to stairs like a magnet.  Must go up them if they’re around but down is another story.  I’m beginning to figure them out but still need mom and dad around for the prep work.  I don’t really have any favorite toys but I love my blanket.  I still nap twice a day and I make sure the parents know they’re doing the right thing by doing the wiggle with excitement thing when they’re placing the blanket down.  It’s silly but you need to give those old people positive encouragement every once in a while.

I’m a Mama’s girl.  Sure if I’m sitting on the ground and you pick me up, that’s no problem.  However, if mom comes within a 5 foot radius, I’ll make sure you know that I want her.  Dad says that it’s because I’m a 3rd child and there’s other kids that are a mite unpredictable so I need that source of comfort more than they did.  He also tried to take me away from Mom today.  Don’t worry, I made sure to give a short cry and threw in an extra whiny face so he probably won’t try that again.

To top things off, I should say that I love FOOD!  My parents started me off on baby food but lately I get good stuff off the dinner table.  Taco Soup, Ravioli, you name it . . . they must be giving it to me because I’m such a good girl.  And I eat it all because I am.  Well, that’s it for now.


One Response to “Elena’s Entry: Who I Am”

  1. Kay August 18, 2011 at 11:44 am #

    Well Elena, I’m so glad to meet you! I hope we can be great friends forever and ever!

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