The dentist and ramblings

10 Sep

I am happy to say that both the kids have a clean bill of health regarding teeth this week from the dentist. Will and I can’t tell the same story 😦 We have all had appointments this week in the morning hence no blogging.

The kids did very well at the dentist again. Sierra laughed through the cleaning because it “tickled.” I would prefer laughing to the hands down the pants that Jason was doing. I guess that is his nervous twitch… And both held still for the X-rays. I was a proud mom.

Jason says, “I love school and I love recess. I like centers. They are play stuff that you play with, but you have to sign in first. I like to be at beans and I like Nathan and Kolbe. They are my friends. I love school. I play at the play ground. We race slides and race to the gate. Nathan and Kolbe are the fastest ones I know. They are lightning fast. But I am faster than a girl.”

Sierra says, “Give a present. Theres a firehouse. And the airplane outside and there’s a fish that we don’t eat it. And the fish just go go go. The fish turned into a spider. It’s all of them.”

Elena says, “Momomomomomom, dadadadadada, bububububu, (Scream LOUD).

Will says, ” I rolled my ankle at basketball yesterday. Before I did it I was lightning fast and got good steals. I hurt somebody nose by blocking his shot into his face.”




2 Responses to “The dentist and ramblings”

  1. Mickie September 10, 2011 at 9:12 am #

    Nice ramblings… that is an odd nervous twitch.

  2. Kay September 10, 2011 at 1:20 pm #

    Loved the ramblings….:)

    Wait until Jason is in the outfield doing the same thing, you really can’t scream, “hey, get your hands out of your pants.” So you wait until the come in the next inning and discretely talk to him in the dugout as the coach glares at you for talking to his player during a game. Come on coach, he’s 7.

    Sierra’s were definitely type straight from her mouth. That’s kinda how she talks to me on the phone too. We have interesting conversations.

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