King Will’s Entry: Those in Limbo

14 Oct

Trying a new Title for my “If I ruled the world” entries.  I’d hate to be King though.  I think the paparazzi would get me down and then I’d worry if I’m too skinny in my pics and then overdo the plastic surgery and probably end up with tattoos everywhere.

Illegal Immigrants are a hot topic in just about every other edition of the newspaper that we get so it got me thinking.  I fully realize that it’s a complicated topic and that either ignoring them or deporting them all has or would have serious consequences.  That said, I’ve been intrigued by the plight of those who who have grown up in the country illegally at no fault to themselves but due to the actions of their parents.  There are those would say that they belong somewhere else, but where?  I can’t imagine what it would have been like to find out as a teenager that I “belonged” in Hong Kong or something.  Anyway, there has recently been greater talk of a path of citizenship for these people.  I would be okay with that for those who have grown up here and graduated our high schools.  I think if I were in charge, that for maybe 10 years one would have to pay an extra 1 or 2% on taxes.  Not much, but this money would go towards deporting those who we deem necessary to deport and to protecting the borders better.  So we’d be cutting down on illegal immigrants in multiple ways!

What do you think?  Am I off my rocker?  It’s not perfect but it seems like the country is paralyzed on the issue right now.


2 Responses to “King Will’s Entry: Those in Limbo”

  1. Chrissie October 15, 2011 at 6:52 pm #

    I don’t think you’re crazy, Ruler Will. Any idea and/or action that takes into account the future of kids raised here and deals with it humanely, yet removes those who don’t abide by our laws, and asks immigrants to help pay for the expense they cause states they live in is a good one. I’ve always disliked that illegal aliens are entitled to services a legal citizen has causing border states to shoulder a heavy financial burden. That has never made sense to me.

  2. hgundred October 17, 2011 at 7:45 am #

    OH MY…I really shouldn’t read these blogs at work. You guys make me giggle! I don’t think you are crazy, but I wouldn’t want that weight on my shoulders… 😉

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