BYU Weekend

4 Nov

Look at that I am finally blogging! Right now I am currently collecting ideas for Youth activities and collecting ideas for Sierra’s birthday party. I has keep me really busy. Sierra’s birthday party will be a rainbow theme. I have ton’s of ideas, now I just have to narrow the activities down…

Jason was invited to a play date from a friend from school. He is heading over to Nathan’s house after school today. He is so excited. I hear a LOT about Nathan.

Elena is officially a walker! I never thought it would happen. As of 2 days ago her main mode of transportation is walking. Granted she falls down a lot, I have seen tons of improvement. In a week she will be a pro!

Now on to pictures from the BYU weekend…

Sierra and I are getting ready for everyone coming to stay. If you look in the corner I still haven’t finished that I spy quilt. One day it will get done…

Elena’s favorite place to hang out is in this rocking chair. She loves to sit and rock in it all day long. (Don’t you just love the little pig tails)

The Spence’s came with my parents along with the Bragg’s. It was one full house! It was crazy here, but we had a great time. Ty LOVED all of the new trains that he could play with.

So happy. 

My dad had a pretty crummy nights sleep. It was time for an afternoon nap. 

Sierra has decided that this is a fun place to sit. Thank goodness it was only fun for a day.

Will and I watched Laycee, Ty, and Maylee, plus our kids while everyone went to the game. Jason and Baylee were able to go to the game as well. It was crazy at the game with the kids, but I had my first YW lesson to prepare. (I ended up cutting 2/3 of my lesson during class. I know for next time.)

Jason made a track for Ty. He is so proud of it!

Girl cousins hanging out.

After the game we went to eat at Wallaby’s and then headed off to Kangaroo Zoo to wear the kids out. They LOVE that place. 

Elena and I hung out. Will tried to take her on some of the slides. She is not a dare devil like Sierra. 

Baylee and Jason ran all over the place! Look at how sweaty both of them are. They had a great time together. 

Sierra was attached to Maddy’s hip. Sierra loved every minute playing with Maddy. They were pretending that the chair was a space chair. I even gave her money for one special ride. Sierra’s face was priceless when the chair started to massage.

Where else would you find my dad on a Sunday afternoon. The kids decided to take a little nap with grandpa. 

It was then off to soup and scones at me Grandparents house and after what better way then to tire the kids out on a Sunday. An awesome glow stick dance party! Colton took some pictures for us. It was a fun dance. Our biggest yet! My dad hung out in the corner with Maylee. (see the green blob )

After seeing some of the pictures we then started to get creative…

Then we decided to send Matt a message. He had to stay and work. He was missed.


That ends it for the BYU weekend. We had a great time with everyone here even though it was a little crazy at times 🙂


One Response to “BYU Weekend”

  1. Kay November 4, 2011 at 10:44 am #

    Aaaaand….we’ll see you again next Friday!

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