Halloween Pictures

22 Nov

Halloween day was a fun one. The kids enjoyed their parties and were so excited for the day. Sierra’s class did a Halloween concert. Can you tell who Sierra’s friend is? Nikki 🙂

Here is a little taste of what Will and I heard at the concert.

Pumpkin concert

Elena was an adorable little lion this year for Halloween. Thank goodness we could just re-use Jason’s costume from when he was a baby. She didn’t even mind wearing the head part. We put really warm sleepers under the costume and she was ready to go for the night. 

Why didn’t we bring the stroller for Elena? I don’t know. Sierra was just to cute. she didn’t want to wear a jacket and she would run around holding her dress. She loved being Rapunzel. 

We took turns carrying Elena. She was just to cute. She loved to hold tootsie pops. (Quick story: The day after Halloween Will and I went to the store with Elena and Sierra. I gave Elena a tootsie pop to hold in the car. It made her happy so why not. It is not like she can open the wrapper, or so I thought. All of a sudden I hear Sierra yelling in the car, “MOM. EYANA OPENED THE CANDY AND IS EATING IT!” Sure enough when we got to the store she was covered in stickyness. Now when ever she sees a tootsie pop she freaks out and wants one. Woops :P)

Half way through trick or treating the kids had to take a quick bathroom break. I realized that I did not take a picture of them, so like any good mom, as they were leaving the house to do some more trick or treating I asked them to pose for a picture. This was the result. 

I then threatened them that if they didn’t smile I was not going to let them go trick or treating again. Good mom I know 🙂

Jason wanted to be a Jedi from last year, it worked for me. Elena called it a night after the bathroom break, so I stayed home with her and passed out candy while she sleep. Will braved the cold and finished up the neighborhood with the kids. They had such a great time. They loved every minute of it. Jason tried to keep up with the big kids and Sierra took her time. At every door she would look at the pumpkins, talk to the person, look at all of the candy, ask what kind it was, told them that she liked chocolate, and then yelled “Thank You! Have a good day!” as she walked away. It was classic Sierra. She had a great time.

And last, Jason and I rented the new dance game that just came out. We thought it was just ok, but that is probably because I don’t have any rhythm 😉 It was worth the 2 buck it cost to rent the game. Jason and I had a great time dancing together. 

Yes even Elena got in on the action. Sierra said that when she grows up she will play the game. Ha is all I have to say. And in the corner of the room I was making a scarf. Yeah no pictures of that ugly thing. It did not turn out at all. 

And there you have Halloween 🙂


2 Responses to “Halloween Pictures”

  1. Mickie November 22, 2011 at 11:17 am #

    Yipppppeeeee! I have been waiting!!!

    Jason’s costume looks excellent the second year in a row… no one noticed he was the same thing. Elena recycled Jason’s old Lion Consume wonderfully, I especially liked your choice of flower 🙂 Sierra was a PERFECT Rapunzel. Hopefully Elena and Maylee can recycle that one in the years to come if Seirra will let them.

    Good pictures. Glad you finally posted them 🙂

  2. Will November 22, 2011 at 3:08 pm #

    Funny to think that Elena wasn’t even walking at this point.

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