Will’s Entry: Plethora of Pics

1 Dec

Okay Kristin, I’m onto you.  Whenever you get a bunch of pics that have no connection to one another, it’s suddenly time for me to jump in.  I’m okay with it, but I’m beginning to understand the game.  Here’s Jason being a great brother.

This was the first snow of the season.  It was gone by the end of the day and we haven’t had any since, but the kids sure were excited to get out into it.  I did my best to make a little sledding hill but I think we’ll need to wait for the next fun storm.  Bleh!

This one’s a tricky one.  Even though it appears to be a strange shot of Sierra, the featured item is the pomegranate.  Kristin saw them prepare one on TV and decided to give it a try.  Sierra actually requested another one today and it’s been weeks so maybe we’ll have to give it another go.

This is actually a bit more interesting than it looks.  I can’t remember what we were eating but Elena had decided that she had had enough.  And Kristin had definitely had enough of trying to force food in her mouth.  So we cleaned her up and put her on the ground.  Looks like we just weren’t the right people for the job.

Makes me a little sad.  Lil’ Elena has been sick for a week and a half now.  It’s been a strange mix of a lot of things.  First she had a runny nose.  That went away and she got a nasty cough.  I called her my little “pony” because she was a little hoarse.  For the last few days she’s had diarrhea with the accompanying diaper rash to boot.  Poor girl has been in good spirits today but her cry when we clean up her bum is heart-breaking.

I guess this is a common view for Kristin.

Ahhh, here we are playing the new family favorite, “Don’t Eat Pete”.  Basically, someone leaves and everyone else picks “Pete” out of the nine squares.  Then the person returns and picks candy from the squares.  If he/she touches “Pete”, everyone yells “DON’T EAT PETE”.  Honestly, I don’t know who invents these games.  Doesn’t hold a candle to my 15 dice, 3-player game of war that was invented 2 nights ago!  Then again, Elena is playing and is happy so maybe it does. 

Somehow this only happens with Colton and his XXXL t-shirts.

Come back and look at this repeatedly for the next few days.  It will simulate how many times Kristin talked about these to me.  If she loves them, then I guess I do to. (Kristin here: I was impressed that I made them. From painting to cutting out the wood! Go ME!)


3 Responses to “Will’s Entry: Plethora of Pics”

  1. Tracie Ware December 3, 2011 at 3:17 pm #

    I think the crafts at the end are super cute. Way to go Kristin…and keep talking about them to Will.

  2. Kay December 4, 2011 at 7:06 pm #

    I love all the pictures!! And I would tell you about my cute crafts at least 20 times too!

  3. Troy December 12, 2011 at 1:06 pm #

    I stopped reading after the 15 dice 3 player war game. Count me in over the holidays. I’ve got another nerdy dice game that I think you would like, we’ll see if it is similar.

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