King Will’s Entry: This is the Place

14 Feb

If I were King, I’d be one for the working-class and so this has to do with Construction!  I’m not sure if this should be one of my $1,000,000-idea posts but here it is.

So lately there’s been a bit of construction on my way to work.  It’s not horrible but there is the dreaded situation where 1 of 2 lanes merges into another.  For the life of me, I hate how these situations work.  Study after study shows that the best course of action is that near the end, one lane alternately merges with the other.  In Europe this is called the Zipper system.  For some reason, most people don’t get this and merge far too early.  This leads to unused road (inefficiency), not to mention the road conflicts that arise when it seems that others are trying to be “sneaky” in going the distance nor the road rage that ensues when an individual decides to straddle both lanes which completely eliminates the most efficient system; Sigh.

Well, I came up with a very easy way to alleviate this situation and educate people.  A simple sign that says “MERGE HERE” and includes an arrow pointing to the correct place.  I just thought of this . . . maybe better would be two signs; one sign stating “MERGING ZONE BEGINS” and the other one stating “MERGING ZONE ENDS.” This would help people learn the efficient way to handle construction and eliminate the anger people feel when seeing people pass and then merge since they are only following the sign.

Anyway, those are my two signs and cents.

PS – I’ve never understood why they essentially have 2 signs that mean the same thing.

Road narrows sign 


3 Responses to “King Will’s Entry: This is the Place”

  1. Kay February 14, 2012 at 12:51 pm #

    I gotta tell you, have have been annoyed at “bargain hunters.” But mostly it’s when there is no road left in their lane and they choose to bargain hunt on the shoulder to get two cars ahead, like that is going to make any significant difference in their life’s time line!

    I do like the Merging begins and ends sign idea!

  2. Mickie February 14, 2012 at 12:54 pm #

    Yes Matt ALWAYS drives until he has to merge, there is no point in merging 1/4 mile back because you foresee a merge coming up. One time in IDAHO they have signs saying merge etc etc with wide open road, so Matt decided to merge when he was forced to merge. 5 miles later and no reasons we passed everybody, seriously, no construction or anything, we decided it was just a dirty trick and left it at that. Others were held up for more than an hour for merging too soon. It was crazy. I like the Merge Here sign idea, especially in UTAH people get testy about that sort of thing.

  3. Paige February 15, 2012 at 10:31 am #

    I think the yellow sign means cars are merging from someplace else, like an on/off ramp. There may be more than one lane available for moving about. The orange sign means a lane is ending – 2 become one. Just my two cents. I can’t help myself:)

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