New Camera

4 Mar

While we were at Disneyland on the very last day, on the very last ride of the night, Sierra took our bag out of the stroller and sat down. We took off and left the bag. Not more then 5 minutes later I noticed that the bag was gone and my brothers took off to grab the bag. By the time they got there the bag was gone. Sad to say our camera was in there. We filed a missing claim and still have not heard back. They said that if they found it we should hear back in about 24hours… Needless to say all of our Disney pictures were on there, so if you want to see pictures hop on over to Mickie’s blog.

This week has been an interesting one. We paid our mortgage payment for the first time with this new loan. The house was super excited and showed us how expensive owning one could be 🙂

The kitchen sink started to leak. Thank heavens that turned out to be an easy fix.

Next we had an electrician come to look at our living room lights. WAY to much money later we now have new breakers and a 50/50 shot that the problem is fixed. We are hoping that we don’t have to run a new line.

And lastly the kids toilet started to leak. After a lot of looking up how to fix it and about an hour of work with an extra run to the store (you always have that one part that is wrong…) it is fixed. I loved watching the how to fix it video on youtube. It was 2 minutes long from start to finish for them to fix it and it took us about an hour.

This week was also filled with camera research. I have driven Will nuts! DSLR, point and shoot, cheap, expensive, quality, etc. After talking with my cousin Steph, I narrowed it down to 2. I think that I am going to be happy with the choice that I made. It was cheaper and I like the features that it came with. We ended up with a Sony cyber-shot DSC-WX9.

So here is it’s maiden voyage. (It has a blur the background feature). Here a a bunch of silly pictures that we took…

Sierra was invited to a friends birthday party. I was stickered 🙂

Love that missing tooth!

Had to try out the panoramic function… We get a lot of this in our house!

Doesn’t she look so comfortable! After being out of crackers for a month, we finally bought some more. She is in heaven again!

Elena HATEs spaghetti sauce. Hates it! While we all ate ravioli, she enjoyed a poptart.

She doesn’t say any words. She will mimic, but nothing by herself. While I was waking this picture she said CHEESE! It was the cutest thing. I didn’t even prompt it. I love when kids start to learn how to speak!


2 Responses to “New Camera”

  1. Mickie March 4, 2012 at 5:14 pm #

    Hip Hip! A New Camera! I hope you like it! Looks like a good one 🙂 LOVED all the pictures. I remember Sierra wear Elena’s outfit, funny. Bummer about all those things semi breaking glad you could get them kinda and somewhat fixed again. Houses are so darn expensive.

  2. Kay March 5, 2012 at 11:20 am #

    So I think Elena knows more words than we think, but par with her personality, she just doesn’t need to express herself very often! Some day she’ll ramble off a 4 or 5 word sentence and you’ll wonder when she learned to talk.

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