Playing around

30 Apr

These were taken in the end of March. I believe these were taken in between the Bragg’s for the second time and my parents coming. Pretty much they are pictures of us goofing around.

It has really been a cruddy winter for snow. Any amount of snow, Jason was so excited and put on his snow suit. I love that there is not even an inch and he is ready to go play!

Jason is wearing a Goofy hat. He has secret ball hidden away some where 🙂

Will pulled out the good old ball track. It is the tackiest thing in the world, but the love it. Plus they will play with the balls for a good hour!

Even Elena likes to get in on the action 🙂


One Response to “Playing around”

  1. Kay April 30, 2012 at 6:23 pm #

    That first picture is sooo Sierra! And it’s fun to see how big Elena is getting, playing right along with the other kids. Now if she would only talk! Guess she just doesn’t have anything important enough to say yet!

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