Basketball Game

3 May

The same night Edward and Joanna left, the Ho’s invited up to a Jazz basketball game. They have season tickets and occasionally they are gifted with better seats through out the season. Jason is really into basketball right now so we thought this would be a really fun family outing. For the most part it was great.

We arrived a little bit early, so I decided to put Elena down and take a picture of the family. Her “must freak out if mom is not holding me” instinct kicked in and the picture is the result… Silly kids. i sure home that she will be ok in new places and with new people soon. Nursery is still pretty rough on her. We were walking into church and she would not even walk through the doors because she knew she would eventual go to nursery…

Hey, look at that I have a happy Elena again!

Jason was so excited. He was enthralled from the beginning!

Yup, that is my Sierra!

I just love Sierra’s face! They were introducing the players. 

Elena could have cared less where we were. All she knew was that she was someplace different and it was way passed bedtime.

As we walked in they handed us calculators. It was the best thing! We showed Jason were our score was and where their score was on the score board and he did the calculations all night. “Mom we are up by 2. Mom, we are down by 4.” Half the time he finished doing the math it had already changed and he would have to do it all over again. He loved it!

By this time in the night Sierra was DONE! 

Thankfully we did not have much longer in the game. 

The Jazz ended up winning!


One Response to “Basketball Game”

  1. Mickie Bragg Spence May 4, 2012 at 10:00 am #

    What a fun game! We would have loved to join you guys! Jason already keeping the score, what a big kid eh? I could see it being a little late for the other two. Don’t you just love the freebies at the door?

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