King Will’s Entry: Those in Limbo

9 May

Yep, another entry where I delve into world we live in.  I’ve always been interested in the way we’ve treated illegal immigrants. How do we treat people who have entered or stayed in the country illegally? It can be easy to dismiss them, but they are people just like the rest of us.  Just not lucky enough to be born here like most of us.

Well, today I’d especially like to address the issue of those who were brought to our country through no choice of their own.  Those who come with their parents as children and know no other life. I would not have the heart to kick them out of the only world that they have ever known. Nor do I envy their position of growing up and being unable to function like other citizens since they lack documentation and the fear they constantly face for their situation as well as their family’s. 

I’d grant them citizenship if they can prove they went through our school systems and such. I think it’d be for their benefit and ours to not have these people always living in the shadows where they pay no taxes and cannot hold typical jobs or careers. I think I’d do it with the condition that they would pay an additional 2% for 10 years on taxes. This money would go directly to paying for more secure borders and deporting those who are here illegally (directed to those who commit serious crimes especially) Now regarding the 2% and length of time, I’d be open for negotiation, but this is what I would do.  We’d have more legal citzens, less undocumented ones who have grown up here, and less illegal immigrants in general due to more deportations and more secure borders. That’s my idea.  What do you think – good or bad?


One Response to “King Will’s Entry: Those in Limbo”

  1. Kay May 9, 2012 at 10:25 am #

    I’m not sure what I think…But i’ll keep thinking about it! Maybe I’m just like Winnie the Poo, think, think, think, and nothing happens….:)

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