11 May

Saturday morning (the day before Easter) we decided to head out and go to the Orem Easter Egg hunt. We have never done one of these before. There were so many people! I don’t think that we will do it again, but maybe by next year I will forget how crazy it was. On the bright side Elena was able to do her own egg hunt with 3 and under… We actually “found” the most eggs along with coupons for 3 hamburgers and a shake to in and out 🙂 After Elena and I were finished we watched Jason and Sierra! I have no clue where they are, but they are in there somewhere.

It was pretty cold and Sierra decided that she did not want a jacket, so of course I took the hit and froze 🙂

I just think this picture is funny. That tree makes a nice addition to Will’s Hair. 

Checking out the loot 🙂

Can you believe it I did not take one picture during Easter. We had a great day! We egged someones house (filled eggs and had the kids hide them in a neighbors yard. We then knocked and ran.) The kids love this new traditions. We tell them that it is a secret and they have been very good about keeping that secret. I think it also helps them identify the feeling they get with a simple act of service.

After church we went over to the Maxwell house and had a great dinner and an egg hunt for the kids. I had the ghetto eggs that had a piece of paper in them that said you get 6 pixie sticks. Haha. They just wouldn’t fit no matter how much you squish, so why not.

We had Tim come over and hide our grown up eggs all over the yard. Maddy, Colton, Will, Danny, and I all had a great time. Even though Colton ended up with ALL of the confetti eggs!

It turned out to be a fun Easter!


One Response to “Easter”

  1. Kay May 11, 2012 at 12:50 pm #

    Will’s hair picture is pretty funny!

    Too bad you weren’t here for Easter, I had to recruit kids to come find all those eggs!

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