Will’s Entry: What a Big Girl

16 Jul

Yes, Elena is the baby of the family and sometimes it’s more apparent than others. She’s not the fearless kid that Jason and Elena were. No flips off an exercise ball or crawling face-first into the wave pool for that little one. She’s also the one who searches for Mom/Dad in unfamiliar situations and that’s just fine with us. She’s our baby and we like her fine just like that.

Well, this weekend we had the Ware family over and one day we went to the mall to get a deal on kids clothes. Just like usual, we piled the kids out and we carried Elena after taking her out of the car seat. Jason, Brooke and Sierra decided it would be fun to hold hands in the parking lot. So Elena started getting all kinds of squirmy to get out of my arms and yep, I put her down and she ran into the middle of the other kids and wanted to get in on the hand-holding action. She was quite content being a part of the group and it was cute.



One Response to “Will’s Entry: What a Big Girl”

  1. Kay July 16, 2012 at 3:03 pm #

    Sometimes you just want to be one of the big kids, I guess! Tomorrow she’ll be back to wanting you to hold her again!

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