31 Oct

Yes I know it is Halloween today, but you get an un-halloween blog today. These pictures are from the last month. Sierra and Elena are becoming great buddies. Elena is such a follower right now. When Sierra pulled over a chair and was eating on a stool, Elena had to do the same thing!

The other night I was putting lip gloss on Elena. She walked around from person to person pursing out her lips so that we could tell her how pretty she was. It was adorable. She came around to us 3 times each. I guess when you put on lip gloss you need to be told that you looked pretty. As a second thought I put some on. Elena looked right at me and said, “Mom your pretty!” It was adorable. She still has a pretty small vocabulary, but at least she is starting to speak in sentences.

During one of the football games. Will and I watched the kids. I love how much blue we are all wearing. Go cougars! (yes I look like a deer in headlights )

Will always makes such great forts for the kids. I guess I am just to lazy to move all of the furniture around… The kids run through the middle and they can pop out from under the kids table. There is even a speed bump next to the wall, so that the kids can’t run to fast.

We were eating dinner (taco soup)… All of a sudden I looked down and I had a child on my lap. I really had no clue when she even moved there… I guess that is the life of a mom.


One Response to “Cereal”

  1. Kay October 31, 2012 at 3:34 pm #

    What were you eating for dinner, that’s what I want to know??? Fritos and Mac and Cheese?

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