1 Nov

With our carpool group we have 4 ladies. It is really nice because on Friday the kids are able to have a play group. We each take turns hosting. It was my turn a week ago, so I did a Halloween theme. We read Halloween books, including the monster at the end of this book. The kids LOVED it!

We then had some Halloween games and some Halloween puzzles. And of course what kids doesn’t like to make a hat? They did not turn out like they were suppose to, but the kids still liked them. They are spiders if you couldn’t guess… I guess we can pretend they are aliens with dreadlocks?!?!

After the kids went home Sierra and I baked. She loves to bake, only because she gets to eat the beaters after! How on earth did she get it on her neck?

The next day I had a Halloween get together with some of the ladies in the ward. It was a white elephant one and this is what I ended up with. Sierra and I decided to play a little trick on Jason and Will. Will found it first. He was a little flustered at first, because he thought the kids threw clothes in the toilet. So it didn’t really work on him, but Jason… He went to the bathroom and ran down stairs. “Mom. There is something in the toilet!” He was pretty freaked out. He wouldn’t go to the bathroom for the next hour. After he got over his fear, he put it all over the house “scaring” Will and I. My favorite was hanging on our shower. The kids have had fun playing with it. Now it is time to pass it on…

A few days later Elena was still wearing her spider hat.

Bonus, it must have been a game day again!

If you take a picture of one kid, you have to take a picture of them all!

Fried rice. Yummm.


One Response to “Playgroup”

  1. Kay November 1, 2012 at 9:59 am #

    Love the Spider dreads!

    And that toilet monster is some thing my brother Art would do to me!

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