Will’s Entry: You’ve been missed

21 Mar

What can I say, I’ve missed our little family blog and today’s a slow day so here I am (wouldn’t it be weird to end this sentence with “I’m”?). Awhile back Kristin had a Young Women’s activity on the benefits of journaling. Our printer was on the fritz so she had me print out a list of journaling subjects. So me, being me put them into a spreadsheet and have written a formula that will randomly select a topic for me to write about. Excited? Well, these are generally intended for the life of a teenage girl so we’ll see where these end up. I skimmed a few and they seemed okay but we’ll see, eh?

Describe a hero. It can be either someone you know or simply qualities of a hero.

Gosh, start off on a tough one! Well, I always enjoy defining ideas in my head so maybe this will be good. I think a hero is someone who risks something of value for the benefit of others when taking an alternative action would be easier. Recently there was the horrific theatre shooting in Aurora and there’s been many stories of people who risked their lives to protect others. I would think that it would be easier to think of a hero but the one that always comes to my mind is my Mom. I’m always amazed that she’s kept her faith the way she has. I imagine that there’s been numerous times where she’s felt alone or inadequate but she’s always done the best she can when “disappearing” would have been sooo easy. I didn’t mean for this post to be cheesy but there’s my answer.

If you’re wondering where the regular blog posts have gone, Kristin’s time lately has been taken up with the homework for 2 kids plus her new hobby/love. Yes, Wildon has been replaced with Wilson. She loves volleyball. She’s been playing with her friends and has gone all out buying shoes and kneepads. My girl has sports equipment and that makes me smile.


2 Responses to “Will’s Entry: You’ve been missed”

  1. Kay March 21, 2013 at 10:56 am #

    Oh, how exciting! A blog post! Thanks for being my favorite son in law! I can say that because, no e of the other ones ever read blogs!

  2. Mickie Bragg Spence March 22, 2013 at 3:06 pm #

    Nice post Will, I agree your Mom is pretty great 🙂 I like that Kristin plays VB too!

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