Will’s Entry: A Night of Cuties

26 Mar

And the topic today is (drumroll please) . . . What’s on your calendar for tomorrow?

Oh, what a scandalous topic! Tomorrow’s Wednesday. That means that I’ll dress a little more casual at work so that I can go practice disc-throwing during my breaks. Playing basketball during lunch will not be in the plans unless they end up at 9 people and need 1 more for ten. If that happens, I’d go earlier so that I can help Kristin leave the gym a little easier since she’ll be playing volleyball with her friends. After work and dinner, the plan is to go to Sprouts and get Clementines since they’re $2.99 for 5 pounds. Yes, I have to remember because it’s usually me who gets excited for deals. Probably stop by the bank and deposit a couple checks too. After that, one of Kristin’s cousins is going to be opening up his mission call. She’ll probably go to that on the way to her monthly Book Club night. It’ll be up to me to get the kiddos in bed. After that, I might watch Skyfall. Yes, I live an amazing life.


One Response to “Will’s Entry: A Night of Cuties”

  1. Kay March 26, 2013 at 5:19 pm #

    Oh Will, it sounds like you’ve surrendered to adulthood, where casual work clothes, $2.99 deals and watching a movie at home make for a jam packed evening. Love it! We just watched SkyFall the other day too.

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