Breckenridge summer fun park

20 Jun

Today was a fun filled day at the Breckenridge summer fun park. They had a coaster, alpine slide type thing, maze, rock wall, mining for gems, bungee trampoline, and mini golfing. We all headed there this morning and had a fun time. The kids loved EVERYTHING!

It was then time to head back down the mountain on the gondola for lunch. Going up the mountain Elena was freaked out. I was holding her, she was shaking, plugging her ears, and had her face pressed into my chest the whole time up. Talk about panic attack. On the way down she lightened up and even looked around.

After lunch Edward, Joanna, Connor, Elena, and I all headed back to the condo, while the rest of the kids and adults stayed up on the mountain for a fun full day of playing. I guess that is when the really exciting stuff happened after we left.

The kids had a blast on the power trampoline. And then it was time for another time on the alpine slide. Will and Jason decided it would be fun to race Uncle Troy. I will let will take it from here.

“Jason was manning the speed and brake. I was trying to maintain our balance. We got going too fast and fell off. We slid probably 20 feet. It was on my side so I have some major road rash on my arm. Jason has some on his cheek but not as severe.”

They still stayed for a few hours after. Jason did a great job manning up for everyone. He even road the coaster again (different from  he slide)… now we are  hanging around the condo enjoying each others company and some brownies 🙂









One Response to “Breckenridge summer fun park”

  1. Kay June 20, 2013 at 10:29 pm #

    Jason looked miserable in that second to last picture! Glad they weren’t hurt any worse! But it does sound like a place Grandma Kay would LOVE!!!

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