Starting school

20 Aug

Two experiences that I would like to add to the blog so that one day I will be able to remember them…

Sierra’s teacher set a time for her to see the classroom before school started and to meet her with a few other students. Sierra, all summer has be very leary about going to kindergarten. She is sad that she won’t be going back to Mrs Roxy’s and is very nervous about doing something new.

When the time came to meet her teacher, she threw a fit and didn’t want to get out of the car. I practically had to drag her to her classroom. Reaffirming that she was not going to school today, we were just there to meet Mrs Farr.

We walked into the classroom and immediately a little girl gives her a big hug and tells her how excited she is to be in her new class. That did not fly well with Sierra! She bolted out of the class and down the hall. After a few more minutes of convincing her to go back to the room, she finally begrudgingly walked back in.

I was able to get her to show me a few different places in the classroom, and her attitude slowly started to change. By the time she got to her teacher station she was ok with life. We finished looking at a few more places in the classroom and got her treat. As we were leaving she was so excited. “My teacher is awesome!” I loved to see her excitement. Hopefully we will see that excitement when she is tested and actually starts school next Tuesday.

Today Jason starts second grade. He is excited, but the morning did not go so well for him. I was not prepared… Mrs Savage asked the kids if they would bring in a few papers all filled out. I of course forgot to have them filled out, so this morning I had Jason fill them out. Well after not writing all summer Jason was a bit frustrated. He had 30 minutes to fill out the papers so that he would not be late. Well he did a lot of crying and begging me to write it for him. Needless to say he was late to school and pretty mad about it. I sure hope this is not a precursor to how this year is going to go… so here are his first day back to school pictures. Poor kid!




One Response to “Starting school”

  1. Mickie Bragg Spence August 21, 2013 at 8:04 am #

    Ah bummer- how did the rest of the day go? Hopefully he perked up a bit once at school?

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