6 Apr

Oh my goodness, is this an actual blog??? I was thinking about an exchange between Elena and Sierra and I really wanted to be able to keep it in a record of some sort, hence the blog post. The exchange goes as the following… The girls are doing a puzzle on the ipad. Elena places a piece in the right place. Sierra exclaims: Elena you are amazing! Elena without any hesitation: Yes, I am!

It was my favorite to listen to how willing Sierra was to offer a complement and how willing Elena was to accept that compliment.


I had mentioned to my mom that for an assignment for school Jason had to give directions. He chose to make up a recipe on smor’s cookies. She made that a reality for him tonight. He loved creating them with her!


Jason and Grandpa Harvey playing checkers… you have to play rock, paper, scissor to see who goes first.


We were able to watch conference today. My favorite part was watching Sierra. Maddy was taking notes and Sierra decided that she needed to as well. Maddy was sweet enough to let her take notes in her journal! It is difficult to read, but there are a few parts that make sense 🙂 She was so very concentrated while writing.


And girls being girls!


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