W: Woohoo, it’s a Wu Update

10 Oct

Sorry it’s been so long since the last update. Just know that for the Summer the Wu’s enjoyed the fun of Thanksgiving Point’s new Museum of Natural Curiosity and trips to San Diego and Alaska. I know, if there’s no pics then it didn’t happen but you’ll just have to believe me.

I guess this post was prompted by the latest round of Jason and Sierra’s Parent-Teacher Conferences. So for those who care, here goes:

He's an 8 yr old boy. Of course they'd run around shooting laser guns at each other at LegoLand.

He’s an 8 yr old boy. Of course they’d run around shooting laser guns at each other at LegoLand.

Ahhh, yes – our wonderful energetic, fun-loving boy. There’s been a few conferences that have left Kristin in tears. He’s very bright and quite adept at Spelling, Reading, Math and all the things you’d want for a student. Sometimes the tapping, talking, interacting and whistling were more than others (including ourselves) could bear. We tried different medicines and while they decreased the more distracting aspects of him, they sapped his energy, appetite and ability to sleep. Not to say that it’ll never be necessary to try that route again, but it left him not himself nor happy and made for two undecided parents.

Over the summer we took him off his meds since he didn’t need to stay quiet in a classroom setting. Near the end, upon the recommendation of a friend, we put him on a vitamin that’s supposed to help with focus. Of course he’s still quite the energetic lad but he’s been much more manageable and that’s made the biggest difference at school. Oh, that and he has a MR. Bunker to help him. Mr Bunker says it took a little bit to figure out each other’s expectations but they definitely seem to be on the same page. They have a Bunker Buck system that rewards good behavior and activities and the Bucks can be exchanged for privileges. Jason seems to be loving this. Of note, Jason’s reading actually improved over the summer (which is a rarity for kids) and that’s all on him. Well, I guess Kristin too because she makes sure we have regular visits to the library. He still takes to the comic-style book (he is venturing out though!) but most nights he’ll read for almost an hour before he hits the lights and goes to bed. He has all the toys he could want in his room but the boy loves reading!


Don’t worry, there’s a pile of cushions and blankets at the bottom.

That BLUR would be Sierra and probably could not be more fitting. She’s also a bundle of energy and my eyes get big and I find myself mildly shaking just thinking of the moments when she’s high-energy and trying to keep it contained. The energy manifests itself a bit differently though. From Kristin’s conference (and we should have guessed it), she’s a doodler. She’s bright (well ahead in reading) and once her assignment is done, it’s doodling time! Numbers turn into people, letters become animals and everything in between is fair game. Sounds like the teacher will be providing a separate notebook for doodling since she’s always doing it and it can make grading an adventure. Our home is frequented with Comics of her imagination, love notes on our pillows, and cutouts of various pets and animals. It’s always interesting with her. One second she’s quietly drawing (and teaching) with Elena at the table and the next second she’ll be wrestling on the floor with Jason.

There, does that make for a better picture?

There, does that make for a better picture?

I guess this last section will be a little of Kristin and Elena.

Getting her face painted at the School Carnival

Getting her face painted at the School Carnival

For starters, this year has been quite different for Kristin. In addition to the orders she gets for her “Seams So Cute” Etsy shop, she’s been a regular at Jason and Sierra’s school. She has duties with the PTA and volunteers a lot with RAD Kids (Kid Safety program) since one of her friends helps manage it. Elena is in her first year of Preschool, goes twice a week and loves it. She’s known as our shy one but it’s really just that she’s quiet. She’s never had any fear of going to her class and has looked forward to it since Day 1. Now to put Kristin and Elena together, I don’t know how they do it. Kristin puts in several hours a week volunteering at Northridge (Jason & Sierra’s school) and Elena just tags along. Kristin just brings a bag (note: singular) of toys, books, and coloring stuff and Elena entertains herself quietly for hours at a time. She might spend a little time passing out stickers or a few minutes on Kristin’s Kindle but she just keeps quietly to herself. Kristin doesn’t even worry about bring her along to the stuff she does! Who does that with a 3/4 yr old? Most moms would be “Nuh-uh”, I can’t help until my kids are all in school. Not to say it, but Elena’s quite the angel in that regard.

As for me, just the same hobbies as always. Play basketball 3 times a week and mix in Disc Golf whenever I can. I’m pretty boring. Yesterday when I was practicing my Disc drives, I adjusted my pinkie and the last throws were very far and consistent. I’m eager to see if this is was luck or a minor adjustment with significant results. Yep, I’m still Will and I’m still weird.


3 Responses to “W: Woohoo, it’s a Wu Update”

  1. Tracie October 10, 2014 at 10:22 am #

    It’s always fun to hear from a dad’s perspective his thoughts about his kids. Way to go Jason, Sierra, and Elena!!!! And mom and dad too!!!!

  2. Grandpa Wu October 10, 2014 at 3:42 pm #

    Productive life is happy life – reading, playing, wrestling…. You guys are awesome! Love Elena’s “ghost” pic.

  3. Grandma Wu October 10, 2014 at 9:08 pm #

    What a present you have given your Mom and Dad. We that are so happy everybody is learning, growing and thriving!!! Can’t wait to see you guys again.

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