K: The Family

29 Oct

I just had to share what Elena’s pictures now look like… I have a app for the kindle that teaches how to write letters. While I am helping the other kids with homework, she does hers on the kindle. Letters are always included with every picture she draws now. She is learning how to write her name as well. This time she missed the l, but most of the time all of the letters are there!


Hmmm, seems she likes to write backwards and forwards like Sierra did.

Hmmm, seems she likes to write backwards and forwards like Sierra did.


Sierra and Elena spend at lease an hour drawing every day. Will raids the Recycle Bin at work for scratch paper all the time.

Sierra has been teaching Elena how to draw people, facial expressions (usually they are grumpy or angry. I guess happy is to easy), and animals. If you are wondering, that is Jason as a baby crawling on the ground with a cat and dog.

Sierra has been getting more and more detailed. They are learning about Halloween in school, hence the skulls. I love their creativity! Sierra has been playing around with more then a stick figure lately, hence the interesting bodies… Sierra loves to read to Elena. if they are not drawing or playing, Sierra is reading a book to Elena. I love that she ill pick up any picture book and start trying to read it out loud. She sits in the little rocking chair, turns the book towards her and Elena (like a teacher) and starts to read the book. It is the cutest. She LOVES her teacher and tries to emulate her.


And Jason just went in for an ortho appointment this morning. A friend of mine suggested that he should be seen by an orthodontist. Jason is missing one of his lower front adult teeth. He will not need to get it replaced, his teeth will just be shifted a little bit. His mouth is really really crowded. They look like my teeth, fangs and all, when they finally grow in. He got a mold of his top teeth done today, and he will get a retainer on Will’s birthday. He will get his mouth stretched for the next year or so. Should be an interesting process. I will do anything to make sure he does not have to have his teeth pulled like me. He is nervous for this whole process, but he would prefer to get the mouth stretched, then teeth pulled as well.

— Kristin


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