W: What do we want?

7 Jan

If I know my audience, they’re dying for more kid stories. Okay, probably more pictures but this is what you get.

Let’s start with the youngest. Elena had a talk to deliver in Primary. She took the customary seat in the front withe the boys who would say the prayer and scripture. She sat in the middle and I had a good view of what happened next. Cole began pestering Elena by repeating “You’re a baby.” over and over. This was making Elena uncomfortable and she tried to slide away from him while responding “I’m not a baby.” Well, he kept getting closer and persisting. Eventually Josh on the other side (bless his heart because he’s in the same class and not much older than her) offered to switch seats with her which she accepted. So Josh was now in the middle and Cole started working on him too. Josh took it and took it while watching the President give her announcements. He didn’t even change expression or look at Cole when he delivered the right cross to Cole’s face and he even kept a straight face afterward! Cole started whimpering that he’d been hit but nobody ever even noticed. That was definitely a weird feeling trying to reconcile the ideas of justice/parenting. It was all good though since Cole’s mom was watching too and when we got to the hallway, she said she started laughing and/but felt bad about it. So that’s one story.

#2 is the story of a bad dad. The girls have had a couple rough nights as far as getting along together. We usually try to let them work it out but last night we heard Elena screaming “Be quiet!” over and over at the top of her lungs. While we’ll address teh screaming tonight, it was clear that Sierra was doing something to bother her so I had her wait in the hallway for a few minutes before we sent her back to bed. Well, I’m a bad dad and probably forgot about her for 45 minutes. When I went upstairs, she was curled up on the ground asleep. Poor girl, I picked her up, apologized and put her in her bunk.


To stay with the sleeping theme, you guys should see Jason’s bed. It’s winter and Kristin has pulled out an electric blanket for herself, it’s so cold. Well, Jason piles a ton of blankets and stuffed animals onto his bed and sleeps in the middle of it all. Pretty funny, but the weird part? He insists on having the fan blowing on him from 3 feet away. We’ve explained that it does not make sense and wastes energy but have just resigned ourselves to turning it off as part of our going-to-bed routine.


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