Summertime journals

4 Jun

School got out last Friday and we have been having a great summer so far. I know it’s pretty early, but I think we are all going to enjoy this break. 

I am having the kids write/draw in their journals every night before bed. I have added an app on my phone to blog more frequently. I am hoping that as I help them develop good habits, maybe they will see me and follow this example?  We will see what happens…

The girls really wanted to have curly hair so we put rollers in the night before. This was the result. I love how girly they are.   

The very last day of school they held school for an hour and a half. We decided to head straight to the Museum of natural curiosity. It paid off big time!


Museum Monday was also a great time to go. This time we headed to the museum of ancient life, or as we like to call it the dinosaur museum. The kids love this area. They played here for 45 minutes. Sand, water, and plastic dinosaurs, what more could they ask for?



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