Week in review

5 Jun

We have had a pretty great week so far. The kids have all gotten along pretty well. It has been so nice.   

They really enjoyed blowing bubbles together outside.


We went to the library on Tuesday, and picked out some audiobooks. Jason and Sierra have been enjoying Matilda. They have been listening to it on my MP3 player, one earbud for each child. It is pretty funny to watch them walk around in tandem.


While the kids were listening to Matilda Elena and I made pizza dough. The kids enjoy making their own pizzas. They feel pretty special.    

Wednesday was Volleyball day. I also prepared the screen and image for the girls camp T-shirts this year. This is an image that I created. I am pretty proud of myself. I hope the girls enjoy the T-shirts this year.



It was date night for Elena and I on Thursday. Will and I switch off taking a kid out to ice cream every few weeks. We are trying to create bonds with our children. They enjoy it and so do we. And yes her cone is bigger than mine.   

Will has been practicing Gethsemane for a baptism on Saturday. The kids absolutely love the song and will is getting pretty good at playing it.   

Friday has been all about the dentist and having fun with the Huntsman boys. I love that the girls made themselves comfortable watching the television on the ceiling.   

Of course you need your sister to sit in the chair with you while getting your teeth looked at.  

We took the Huntsman boys to the park. I love to the conversation that happened right before this picture. Elena and Caden were talking about how old they were. They both are four. Elena said we are both four, we should hold hands. Caden said okay. What cute kids. 


One Response to “Week in review”

  1. joanna June 10, 2015 at 7:23 am #

    Love the pictures and captions. So glad that your family is having fun. Proud of everbody is doing job in the family! Wish we could be close by.

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