Will: Chances are I like you

12 Jun

Yeah, when Kristin blogs, so do I. We’re a team like that I guess. I pulled a random topic from my “hat” and this one will be a bit weird: “Name one thing you like about yourself and why you like it.”

What I like about myself is that I’m the opposite of likeable. Perhaps I should rephrase that but what I mean is that chances are that instead of you liking me, I’ll like YOU. It probably comes from my childhood and my character in general. I’ve never felt like I fit in anywhere. I don’t say that in a way to deserve pity. Growing up, I was always the smallest and that’s not hyperbole. I was the youngest and smallest and I remember in 12th grade when I said to my friend, “I think I’m taller than most girls now” and his response was “You’re SUPPOSED to be!”. What else was I supposed to be? Probably a nerd. I was good at math, could read and memorize things pretty quickly and was pretty good at the piano too. But what really made my day was sports, whether it was handball in 1st grade or dodgeball or basketball or tennis. In Junior High, I’d get dressed quickly for gym, play chess with the “coach” while everyone was getting ready, play sports and then repeat at the end. Yes, I’m just weird. I was the random Chinese kid in school and on my mission but who would always forget that I didn’t fit in. Even today I chuckle when people call me “(Jeremy) Lin” on the basketball court. I’m listening to Josh Groban on Pandora right now but a couple songs ago was Eminem.

I’m rambling but as I’ve matured, I’ve taken the “I don’t fit in anywhere” idea and realized that I can kind of fit in anywhere. You want to be the uncle who challenges me to a game of chess (how did he know I’d like chess)? Well, okay. You want to be the kind of grandma or grandpa that sits around and just talks and socializes. I can do that too. Going to a sporting event or just watching one on TV. No problem there. I think it reaches far behind family too. Perhaps as a result of going to the cosmopolitan Toronto for a mission, I love minorities. I’m not blind to them, but I have no problem approaching or conversing with anyone, even if they’re of a different ethnicity, belief system, gender or anything. If anything, I want to understand more about how they view the world. Well, that’s my answer.


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