Play group and seven peaks

13 Jun

The girls decided that they wanted to sell our couches. They both drew signs and taped them to the door. It says that our old couches are for sale for $.90. We are home come on in. What crazy girls.  

I decided at the beginning of the year that Will and I need to start dating more often. I mustered up the courage and I asked my friend if she would be interested in doing a babysitting group. She loved the idea and from there it took off. We have a total of 4 families with 15 kids all together. If it is your turn to host: it starts at 5:30 on Saturdays, we feed the kids dinner, keep them alive, and they go home at 8:30. It is crazy for that one night, but worth it for 3 nights alone with Will. 

It was our turn to host this Friday. One of the families wanted to move it to Friday, so we moved it to Friday. They were not able to make it after all but kept it on that night. One of the other families had a child at gymnastics. The other one had two children missing. It was a super relaxing evening. We went to the park, had hotdogs, and finished the night off with Popsicles.

Will and I have started to play tennis. For the last few weeks we have been going out to play and he has been teaching me. I am still really lousy, but getting better. Jason has enjoyed playing with Will as well. This morning we played for a while while the girls played at the playground.

After lunch it was off to seven peaks. This was the first trip for us this year. The kids as usual had a great time. Elena is so much braver this year. She was playing on her own and attacking the waves.   

  Some times you need to chop the water!        

I love the crossed legs. So girly. She is listening to a cheap fm radio.  They both have one earbud in. I love it when they share.   


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