14 Jun

Today has been a typical day. I had a Mia Maid presidency meeting, Will got the kids ready, and went to church.

I was in charge of teaching the Mia Maid lesson today. We talked about how to sustain our leaders in the church. I stumbled upon a fun card, so I decided to have the girls make two. I had them make one for their fathers for fathers day next week, and one card to think someone who holds the priesthood. The girls really enjoyed making the cards. And they all turned out so cute.  

My favorite part of the day was at dinner with Elena. I gave the kids a little piece of asparagus to eat. Elena looked at it, put it on her fork, turned and asked me, “mom, can I just look at it? If I look at it then I don’t have to eat it?” It doesn’t really work that way Elena, I wish it did.

As a family we have been watching some animal documentaries. We currently are watching it about polar bears. I love listening to the kids laugh at the silly things the do. 



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