Will’s Entry: Fall

29 Dec


Fall came and went. Here were some highlights.

For awhile, Kristin had been suspecting that Elena wasn’t seeing correctly. She liked to be REALLY close when Kristin was reading books. Surprisingly, she wasn’t the type to be real close when watching TV but we still had our suspicions. So the next time the kids had their checkups, she encouraged the doctor to check their vision. Both Jason and Sierra passed and then it was Elena’s turn.

Doctor: Can you read the top letter?

Elena: One?

(Hmmm, maybe she doesn’t know her letters so well. We’ll try a sailboat.)

D: How about now?

Elena: I don’t know.

Yep, she has about 20/200 vision which isn’t good enough to drive without corrective lens. So here’s a cute Halloween pic and I think the first day she wore glasses.


We live in a good age for glasses. We found an internet site that provides them inexpensively. I think she actually looks even cuter with them. She has 3 distinctive and unique pairs. Surprisingly, she rotates and wears a different pair everyday in a pattern. Sheesh, I don’t know where such weirdness comes from!

Another highlight was that Sierra was baptized. It was a great experience. She made her own program which includes an illustration that has me asking Sierra if she will be mean, her saying “No”, and deeming her worthy for baptism. Also, Maddy gave her a “quiz” about Baptism which freaked Sierra out. She must have test-anxiety. Grandma Kay just gave her all the answers in her Holy Ghost talk. So take a close look at the water level in this picture. It’s LOW, maybe to my knees. It’s usually closer to the end of the railing (waist level). The group before us pulled the plug. Good thing she’s so little and I’m such an accomplished baptizer. Everything went great.



One Response to “Will’s Entry: Fall”

  1. Kay December 29, 2015 at 1:02 pm #

    I love it! And you can leave out Christmas 2015 and all the fallen tributes. We can glaze over that memory!

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