Will’s Entry: Hong Kong Day 2

29 Sep

I think Kristin’s caption says it all. Well, it’ll have to because I wasn’t there for it.


Here’s our typical morning breakfast. I wouldn’t mind having a bakery in my basement. Yum.


On this day, we went Ocean Park. I’d describe it as Disneyland meets Sea World. It was a pretty hot, humid day and we even bought a $20 umbrella to ease the pain. Maybe you can see it in subsequent pictures! Truth be told, with that weather, I’d pick Ocean Park over Disneyland. We settled into a pretty smart routine where we’d do a couple rides and then visit an exhibit where it was cooler and then repeat the process.  In the pic below, Jason was trying to stay away from Kristin but wasn’t very successful.


As you can see, I get pretty excited for penguins. They’re one of my favorite “looks can be deceiving” animals. Plus, that exhibit was COLD which was so nice! As a side note, you should Google “Benedict Cumberbatch” and “Penguins”. Oh, I’ll do it for you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GHPNKUMf70. It’s one of those clips that brings a smile to my face whenever I think of it.


This is a fun picture. I think you can find more detail on Facebook but I love all the expressions.


I say whenever one of your kids has an idea for a photo, just go for it. Especially in this day of digital pictures!


Same goes for the wife. This wasn’t the one, but we’d look at the exhibits and tell stories about what the animals were thinking. Well, there was this other leopard shark that I said was showing off because he just swam tight circles. I’m still worried about it. It did it for 10 straight minutes and we never saw it stop. I hope it was ok.


Apparently the heat started getting to these two. Yuck! I kiss that nose! Well not really, but Yuck!

day-2-tonguesAnother one worth taking a closer look at. I was channeling my younger-years pose.


Considering her allergies, I’m glad that Elena is not touching the canines.


Before, we get to the next pics, can I say how awesome the Jellyfish exhibit was? No pics because everything was dark and they had it illuminated by black lights. Those things definitely look like they belong on another world. Anyway, here are some pics from the nice and relaxing Carousel ride. Nothing silly to see here. Just move on quickly.




We had some tired and happy kids that night.




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