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Hong Kong Trip Day 4

3 Nov

Yep, I’m still adding things to our Hong Kong trip. It’s almost fitting that the memories would be a little fuzzier now because around this time, I came down with strep throat. Fun fact, but our washroom had one of those magnifying mirrors with lights. Looking at my throat was disgusting and fascinating at the same time. It sapped my energy for a few days. By lunchtime I just wanted to go back to bed.

We started this day going to Church. It was nice going to Church even if we were in a foreign country. The Chapel was in the shape of an L. It was also an interesting perspective on those who live in a foreign country and the difficulties of it all.


Kristin, Troy, Tracie and I ventured out for a lunch on our own. It’s always an adventure navigating through the language difficulties, not to mention that we’re trying to be tourists at places that the locals eat at without trying to stick out.


Then we went shopping a bit. Kristin got a few articles of clothing during the trip. Really simple, cheap, classy stuff. Also, we got a replacement for our busted up suitcase. I wish I could remember what flavors of Slurpees these were. One of them was island-y and I think the other was White Grape.


That evening we went to Ma Ma’s viewing. We were pretty nervous. We knew we’d have to stay for a while and we weren’t sure if the kids would be able to handle it. But back to the viewing. A lot of it was following the director’s instructions. A lot of bowing. It was cute because even when we went to view the body, Elena felt the need to show respect by bowing. We didn’t tell her to but she’s thoughtful like that. When people came to pay their respects, they’d bow to us and we’d bow to them. Elena was also very keen on shaking everyone’s hand. All in all, the kids did a fantastic job of not being too fidgety.