24 Jun

Not sure why didn’t blog yesterday, but today I will blog. Maybe it was because I had a migraine all morning, so the kids just watch TV while I laid in bed. Or maybe it really was not an interesting day.

For the last little bit I have been teaching the kids how to clean the bathrooms. We clean the bathrooms in the afternoon. I forget how much patience and how time intensive it is to have kids clean bathrooms. They clean, I help, and then I have to clean it once they’ve left. I just have to keep telling myself this is a good skill I am teaching the kids.

We did go to the library yesterday as well. Lots of reading books, the kids by themselves and me reading to the kids.

Today has been kind of an interesting day. We went to play volleyball in the morning and unfortunately there was an incident that happened. Before I talk about what happened, here is a picture of Elena playing with Gavin and Lexie. She sure loves chasing after him. He is such a great kid.

An older boy, junior high age, showed himself to Sierra today. I was very proud of her for leaving the situation and coming to talk to me about it.

I told her how proud I was of her that she came and talk to me about what happened. I was proud of her for walking out of the situation. We had a conversation with all the kids about the boys choice, and how wrong it was for him to do that.

I am really upset about what happened. After everything I explain to the kids that now at Volleyball they need to stay on the stage or in the gym. They will not be able to go out into the hallways or into the classrooms anymore. I explain to them that it is not a punishment, I want to help keep them safe. We need to make sure we protect ourselves from situations like these. They all understood. I did talk to the step mother who is a friend of mine. She is handling the situation with her husband.

On other news we have been folding paper airplanes and playing crazy eights like crazy. We have paper airplanes all over the house. We checked a book out on how to fold different types of paper airplanes. Needless to say the kids are really enjoying it.



Cain pictures 2

22 Jun

Here are a bunch or random pictures that I took while at the cabin. I don’t think they need to be introduced. Enjoy! are
















Cabin pictures 1

21 Jun

We had a great weekend at the cabin. Suzanne and Preston invited us up. She rented a razor for Saturday as a birthday/Father’s Day present for Preston. We did a lot of playing outside, at the river bank, and at the fire pit.

 Will spent Saturday creating a dam. His erection still stands after one day. Preston and the kids helped build it up even bigger on Sunday morning.  
We spent a lot of time skipping rocks.           

Will was searching for rocks for his dam.     Sierra was the best rock finder for skipping rocks. She has an amazing ability for finding them.      

Cherry pickers

19 Jun

The kids often take walks around the neighborhood. Last time I walked up the street with Sierra there’s a cherry tree next to our house that I picked a cherry off for her. She now is obsessed with going and picking cherries from the tree. She has recruited her brother and sister to help her as well. I don’t think sister Larsen will mind too much 🙂


Museum and cub scouts

18 Jun

I am pretty tired tonight, so I am going to let the pictures do the talking. We had a pretty late start to the morning, so we didn’t end up doing anything until after lunch. We went to the Museum of natural curiosity, had dinner, then went to Pack meeting. 

The kids thoroughly enjoyed playing a very loose game of kickball. Three men manned and the bases including Will, while the kids kicked and ran the bases. Everyone had such a great time. Elena was so happy that she was dancing at every base.                          

Park and kids

17 Jun

Tuesday morning Dane and Kia came over. The kids decided to make cinnamon roll cake and go to the park. Kia and Elena helped make the cake. They love doing anything in the kitchen with me.         The kids have loved playing with blocks together. It is one of their favorite past times right now.    

Just a random picture I found. I had a good laugh and thought you might have one as well. Illustrated by Sierra.   

Today was another volleyball day. My favorite part was watching Elena play with Gavin. He is 11 years old. First she was following him, then they were holding hands, and the last Elena had her arm wrapped around his waist walking with him. It was so cute. He is such a good kid. As we were driving away, she opened up the window and yelled, “i love you Gavin!” 

My favorite was going to the library as well. The kids get so excited for new books. This is how I find them for the next hour after a trip to the library. 

Movie Monday

15 Jun

Today was not my favorite day. The kids and I were not getting along very well. I was nagging and they were ignoring me.  Tomorrow will be better.

As for activities we went and watched monsters versus aliens. The girls were a little freaked out by it, but then again everything freaks them out. I think all in all they enjoyed going out to see a movie. Next time I will have to bring a little treat for them. I did it the first time and it held off the questions for popcorn. I don’t blame them. I let them bring in two pieces of candy each last time and the kids were ecstatic.

We ran a bunch of errands in the afternoon. And I made a hospital gown. It was a pretty slow afternoon…

I guess I should probably get to bed. Not being able to fall asleep is taking it’s toll on me and tomorrow should be a longer day watching Dane and Kia. They are sweet kids, I just hope the dynamic will still be a good one with all of the kids here this time.